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St. Mary Magdalen Learning Garden


  • Established in 2012

  • Located in Altamonte Springs

  • 2 large keyhole garden plots built with composite lumber

  • 1 accessible bed for seniors

  • Watered by hand

St. Mary Magdalen Learning Garden is located on the far south side of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church and School by the Annex. The garden is unique with the community learning concept and large keyhole beds that are shared by church members, community members and students from the school. A keyhole bed is a space saving technique where the garden bed is wrapped around an access point, providing more grow space and less wasted area for pathways. The third garden bed is raised 24″ high so that people with limited mobility can still enjoy the therapy of gardening. This garden bed, raised extra high, includes sensory plants that are fun to touch and smell such as lambs ear, rosemary and lavendar. The total garden design also includes native wild flowers to attract pollinators. There are no dues and everyone who works in the garden shares the harvest. When there is a bumber crop, the produce is donated to help needy families in the food pantry. There is no fence around the garden and it is open to the public to come and visit during daylight hours.

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