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OWC Garden


  • Established in 2010

  • Located in Winter Park, west of Park Ave.

  • 21 beds built with lumber

  • Plot Size: 4′ x 10′ x 8′

  • Watered with drip irrigation

The OWC Garden is located on a lot to the south of The Gardens at Depugh Nursing Center. This garden has four raised plots built with concrete blocks for the nursing center residents to go for gardening therapy from time to time. The Welbourne Day Nursery, located across the street, also uses the garden. Plots are available for $20 per season (two seasons per year). The rental fee includes compost, mulch and free garden education events produced by Our Whole Community. Other amenities of the site include a picnic table, a brick paver walking area, a three-compartment composting bin and a small tool storage box.

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